Brass cleaning concentrate in a non-toxic cleaning concentrate for all ammunition casings. The concentrate will create 4 gallons. It will clean and polish all of your casing inside and out, restoring them to an almost new condition in about 10 minutes.

DVC Armory Brass Cleaning Concentrate 20 Oz.

  • Wear proper eye and hand protection when cleaning your brass. Pour in enough water to cover your brass. Add the appropriate amount of DVC Armory’s Brass Cleaning Concentrate. The prepared solution bubbles stir the solution briefly then let solution stand for a minute. Agitate your brass for 10 minutes using your preferred process (by hand, tumbler or sonic). Upon completion, rinse the brass for 3-5 minutes while agitating as you separate the media to remove the cleaner. Drain the brass and dry as desired.

    Mix: 2 Tablespoons per Quart of water

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