How we started


Several years ago, I was invited by a friend to join him in shooting with CAPS (Cache Area Practical Shooters) in the Logan Utah Cache Valley area. This challenging and exciting sport had me hooked from the first time I shot my pistol competitively. Since then I have delved into this world of USPSA. I learned quickly that I needed to start reloading and taking care of my brass. After dry tumbling the brass with walnut shells, I got tired of spending too much time processing the brass, and being left without in the shine I had hoped for. I looked around for a more efficient way to clean the brass , inside and out. In my quest I've created my own solution that yields the results all the other methods had robbed me of. DVC Armory proudly stands by its product as a superior brass cleaner.

Why DVC Armory?


At DVC Armory, we are dedicated to all hard working men and women who love the 2nd amendment, shooting sports, guns and reloading. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchases, you have my personal promise to make it right.  I stand behind every purchase here at DVC Armory. 

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